"As a young man growing up in Eastern Kentucky, like many others with money almost non-existent and no work, my desire to leave the mountains was great. So in my teenage years I left for Dayton, Ohio, got a job and went to work. But it seemed the mountains called more loudly each year. So 33 years later as I sit here tonight with pen in hand, my mind races back through time. Racing through the memories of the old home place, friends of long ago, brothers, sisters and my dad. The memories are as strong as ever. As they linger in a place in my mind, the mountains are calling." - Clarence Kelly The Mountains Are Calling 2006


DVD Now Available! Clarence Kelly And Nu-Cut Road Live at Jerusalem Ridge 

We now have a DVD available! You can watch Clarence Kelly And Nu-Cut Road Live on Stage at the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Celebration near Rosine, Kentucky in September 2012. You will hear raw live music as well as the band members talking to one another in the way of introductions and more. Its very near to being right there at the festival!
  Here is a sample from the DVD:

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